Welcome to clean energy food!

RainFresh Harvests

At RainFresh Harvests we believe in growing things a little Greener… with Green Energy and Green Growing Practices for the local food shed.

Spring 2019 Open Greenhouse Tour Date: 

Saturday, May 18th from 1 – 4 pm

Our family farm is in the countryside a few miles outside of Plain City, Ohio.  (Click link for Map) 

We strive to produce wholesome foods in an ecologically sustainable system — blending nature with technology to grow you the freshest, most delicious and nutritious food possible.

Growing facilities include:

  • RainFresh Bio-Integrated Greenhouse
  • Passive Solar Greenhouse
  • Aquaculture pond
  • Biolntensive field crops

BioIntensive Field Crops — raised beds to grow fresh herbs, specialty vegetables and berries. We use sustainable agricultural practices that include organic fertilizers, biocontrols, crop rotation, pastures and cover crops for organic matter production to grow wholesome foods in a responsible manner.

Green Growing practices regenerate the soil and preserve natural resources. Our crops are grown using organic fertilizers and biological controls. Water and nutrients are used efficiently. We collect rainwater and grow year-round greenhouse crops using aquaponics. Organic matter is recycled by vermicomposting where red worms not only provide superior, nutrient-rich growing media but also serve as food for the poultry and fish production.

Locally Grown

Harvested and sold to you on the same day for freshness

Featured Crops for 2019

  • Year-Round Production of Arugula, Mizuna and Seasonal and Extended Season Production of other crops:
    • Basil and Spearmint
    • Baby Arugula and Mizuna
    • Specialty vegetables — Heirloom Tomatoes, Assorted Peppers and Cucumbers
    • Red Raspberries and Blackberries
    • Asian Pears and Apples
    • Now available for retail sales – Ornamental Koi or Mosquito Fish for your fish pond – call or email for an appointment

Green Packaging using reusable containers for restaurant deliveries.

Local free delivery for restaurant and retail markets is available for minimum orders.

Good Reasons to Buy Locally Grown, Family Farm, Fresh Food

  • Support our local economy
  • Preserve local farmland and help small family farmers
  • Reduce our reliance on oil, pollution from factory farming practices, shipping and pesticide usage
  • Increase food safety and security
  • Save energy & money
  • Eat fresher, healthier, more delicious foods
  • Invest in our green future
  • For every, dollar spent shopping and eating locally, $1.94 to $3.98 is generated for Ohio farms and businesses. (from: Northeast Ohio Foodland Network 2004)
  • Think globally, eat locally

For crop availability, pricing or market info, contact Barry via email link below.